2018 Recycle Week

Published : 14/01/2019

At the end of September, Ashford Borough Council were busy taking part in the national campaign ‘Recycle Week’, run by the not-for-profit organisation WRAP.

recycle week 2018

To head up the celebrations was the council’s Waste & Recycle Education Officer, Amy Casey. She was out and about throughout the week to interact with the residents of the borough to discuss all things waste and recycling.

ABC partnered up with Sainsbury’s in Bybrook as part of a week-long roadshow, having a stall set up in the store’s foyer to answer any questions shoppers may have. Deputy Mayor Cllr Jenny Webb was also in attendance during the day. The feedback was really positive, having over 40 shoppers stop to discuss their opinions and ask their questions to our recycling officer. Two schools who came to the store to learn about fair trade and sustainability also had a crack at answering what can be recycled!

recycle for ashford

Later on in the week the roadshow moved over to Ashford College for their Fresher’s Fair. We talked to the new students of the college about how they could help the environment and how they could be more responsible when it comes to waste. Each student was also asked to make an eco-pledge, something of their choice that they could commit to. We had some brilliant suggestions from the students from using cotton tote bags to go shopping with, using their new ‘Recycle for Ashford’ reusable coffee cup when buying hot drinks to turning laptops, TVs and game consoles off when they’re not being used to save energy!

ashford college freshers fair

The roadshow made its final stop over at the Shadoxhurst Village Fete at the weekend, giving the village residents chance to iron out any confusion they may have, with many questions regarding plastics being answered.

Throughout the Recycle Week celebrations, numerous educational recycling sessions were also delivered to schools. This included St Michaels, Pluckley, John Mayne and High Halden Church of England Primary Schools as well as Beaver Green Primary School. In total over 180 school children helped our recycling officer litter pick, sort rubbish into the right bins and find materials from all over the house to be recycled. Each student earned their ‘Eco-Warrior’ certificate by making their own eco-pledge to help fight for the environment and fight for the planet!

children recycling

school recycling

school recycling workshop

Of Ashford's Recycle Week campaign, Amy Casey, ABC's Waste & Recycling Education Officer, said:“Ashford Borough is doing very well with their recycling, and the improvement over the past 5 year has been remarkable. However, there is always more that can be done and always ways we can improve! Recycle Week is a great opportunity to raise awareness, especially when everyone has such busy lives and recycling might not always be a top priority. However, there’s continuing work that needs to be done when it comes to making sure we’re recycling everything that we can, to boost the use of the food waste service, diverting food waste from the refuse bins, and important work around contamination and the wrong items ending up in the recycling bin. I’m very happy with the success of this year’s Recycle Week. As next year is DEFRA’s official ‘Year of the Environment’ I plan to make 2019’s Recycle Week even bigger and better!”