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Election FAQs

Published : 11/12/2019

If you have a question about voting in the General Election on Thursday 12 December, we've got you covered with our FAQs...


Q. Am I registered to vote on 12 December 2019?

A. If you have received a poll card you are registered to vote. If you haven't received a poll card and think you are not registered visit the Government's Register to Vote web page.


Q. How do I register to vote and when is the deadline to register?

A.  The deadline to register to vote is Tuesday 26 November 2019 and you can register by visiting the Government's Register to Vote web page.


Q. How can I vote?

A. You have three options; you can either vote in person at a polling station, you can vote by post or by proxy (this is when you appoint someone to vote on your behalf).


Q. How do I apply for a postal or proxy vote?

A. Simply visit the Electoral Commission website where you'll find the relevant form you can use to apply for either a postal or proxy vote. Please note the deadline for postal vote applications is 5pm Tuesday 26 November 2019 and the deadline for proxy applications is 5pm Wednesday 4 December 2019. Should you wish to cancel an existing postal vote you must notify electoral services by either emailing or calling 01233 330402 to request a form. Please note, a signature is required to cancel and you must get in touch by 5pm Tuesday 26 November 2019.


Q. What happens if I have a medical or work issue after the proxy deadline has passed which will prevent me from voting at the polling station?

A. You can apply for an Emergency Proxy vote up to 5pm on Thursday 12 December 2019 by either downloading a form from the Electoral Commission website, by emailing us at or calling 01233 330402.


Q. Where's my polling station?

A. You can find your polling station on your poll card. Alternatively visit our Polling Station Finder. Polling stations are open from 7am to 10pm. 


Q. I have not received my poll card?

A. Poll cards were posted out on 7 November 2019 however you don't need it to vote. When you go to the polling station simply give your name and address to the staff. If you are unsure as to where your polling station is, visit the Polling Station Finder. If you are worried that you might not be registered then get in touch with the electoral services team. 


Q. I have not received my postal vote?

A. Postal votes will be posted out on 28 November 2019. If you have not received it by Friday 6 December then please apply to electoral services for a replacement. 


Q. I've spoilt my postal vote?

A. The deadline for replacement postal votes is 5pm on Thursday 12 December 2019 but you can apply to electoral services for a replacement. 


Q. Who are the candidates?


Candidates for the Ashford ward in the 2019 General Election

Susannah Louise De Sanvil - Independent
Dara Farrell - Labour Party
Adrian John Gee-Turner - Liberal Democrats
Damian Howard Green - Conservative Party
Mandy Rossi - The Green Party

Q. I have received a poll card for people who have moved, how do I get them taken off my address?

A. You can return the poll cards by crossing through the name, writing 'moved', mark them 'Return to Sender' and pop them back in the post. 


Q. My name has changed, how do I get this amended? 

A. Please write to us with details of the change and your address enclosing proof such as a copy of a marriage/civil partnership certificate, deed poll or amended birth certificate. This may not take effect until after the election but you can still vote under your old name, just go to your polling station and tell the staff there the name you are registered under.


Q. A poll card has come through for someone who is away at university, is this right?

A. Students can register at both their term and home address, however at a general election they can only vote in one place, therefore they'll need to think about where they will be on polling day and whether they need to set up a postal or proxy vote. 


Q. Someone listed has passed away, what should I do?

We do receive information from registrars but unfortunately sometimes this does not pick up everybody, especially if they moved just before they died (e.g. into a nursing home). Please contact our electoral services team to let them know. 


Q. I don't know anything about the candidates, how do I know who to vote for?

A. We only hold information on who has been nominated (i.e. each candidate's name and political party). If you don't receive any information about them through your door you can try looking online by searching for them or their party. It is up to the candidates to convince you to vote for them and we don't have information on their policies or campaigns.