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Interview with Aimee Godden

Published : 01/07/2019

If you've been out and about in the high street recently, you may have noticed the striking piece of street art on the wall at the former Mecca Bingo site. The beautiful mural, created by artist Aimee Godden, has been designed to capture people's imaginations and deliver a simple message: #SpreadYourWingsinAshford.

We caught up with Aimee to chat about her inspiration behind the design and how she hopes it will inspire people living in and visiting Ashford...



Tell us a little bit about your background and the projects you’re currently working on? 

I am actually a full time fashion retail manager. I went straight into work from school at 15. I hadn’t picked up a paint brush since my GCSEs in 2002. Until 2 years ago after a struggle with depression, I spoke to a counsellor asked what my hobbies were and I said drinking and socialising, she asked if there was anything I was good at to focus on. I told her I painted but hadn’t for 15 years and she set me homework to produce a painting representing how I feel. I am so glad she did, for the last 2 years now I have been getting back to my art and finding what I am good at. Murals and street art are what I enjoy. I am currently only focused on the #SpreadYourWingsinAshford project. I really hope it takes off and myself and LoveAshford can focus on future wings projects. 


How did you come up with the idea for the #SpreadYourWingsinAshford project? 

I was inspired on social media by other artists wing murals. Then I thought how could this benefit the regeneration of Ashford using a hashtag, I thought about the new college and all the new housing and job opportunities available in Ashford, and thought the hashtag #SpreadYourWingsinAshford would be a great message on Instagram to say come to Ashford for a positive future, and spread your wings. The Snowdogs were my inspiration for creating multiple sets of wings around Ashford to create an interactive art journey. The other wings could be all different eg. Dragon, fairy, butterfly. 

Aimee Godden


Tell us more about the concept and what it represents…. 

I hope I have answered this above. The concept is to drive people into Ashford and to help the younger generation to love their town again. Hopefully creating and interactive and fun art experience on social media. And a journey around our amazing town. 


What do you hope people will take from the artwork? 

I really hope they can have fun with it, be proud of their town and be reminded that our town is working hard to regenerate itself. And them sharing their #SpreadYourWingsinAshford photos shows their love and support for the town 

Spread Your Wings in Ashford

What inspires you to be creative? 

Art is my therapy, its taken a few years to get back into it and to find my forte but I love colour and I am happy when i am creating. Anything can be my inspiration 


Tell us one thing you love about Ashford? 

Its my home town, I love how Ashford is fighting back against store closures and the changes in the economy. We seem to be one of the only towns I see progressing, I think its a real shame others cannot see the same. I love being a part of Made in Ashford and projects such as #SpreadYourWingsinAshford, I think it's great the council support projects like this. 

Ashford street art