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Silver Award Winners

Published : 01/07/2019

We recently held our first ever Environmental Achievement Awards. The awards were held to celebrate members of the community who are doing their bit to protect our planet. We had lots of wonderful nominations to sort through and we had some very difficult decisions to make.

Find out all about the silver award winners below.

The first silver award went to Jenny Tippen. Jenny has been an active dedicated of Ashford Community Woodland for almost 20 years.

She’s worked with the Kentish Stour Countryside Partnership and Kent Wildlife Trust. She holds monthly tasks with volunteers, welcoming and guiding them with care and sensitivity. She also involves younger generations by hosting nature competitions for primary schools and tours for the Durrell Institute at the University of Kent.

She now continues to share her wide experience and knowledge of Singleton nature reserve through her role on the committee for the Singleton Environmental Centre’s Open spaces.

Jenny Tippen

The next Silver Award went to Linda Wood who goes out of her way to make sure her local area is safe and clean. She has been litter picking for decades and on a daily basis can be found rooting through bushes to retrieve cans, bottles and wrappers as well as taking recyclable litter home to wash and recycle it.

She also volunteers at the Bybrook Nature Reserve to help renovate and maintain it, which includes activities such as scrub clearance, tree planting and seed scattering.

Linda also inspires others in the community to improve their environmental focus as well, motivating her daughter who is a teacher at Phoenix Community Primary School to get the school involved in the Great Plastic Pick Up campaign which subsequently led to the creation of the schools Eco Council.

Linda Wood

‘The Green Team’ of Kent Wildlife Trust were the next recipient of a Silver Award. This group of residents have spent thousands of hours volunteering for Kent Wildlife Trust. The team of over 20 eager volunteers and conservationists are approaching their 50 year anniversary. They give up 2 days of their week preserving the Hothfield Heathlands.

The task days consist of long hours of physical labour, with these environmental champions being out come rain or shine! Our native woodlands are becoming a rare and delicate habitat with developing ecosystems and increased biodiversity because of these hard-working volunteers.

The green team

The final Silver Award winner is Adam Hunter. Adam was getting tired of seeing problematic items that can’t easily be recycled ending up in our general waste bins. So he decided to do something about it.

A few years ago he started a recycling scheme in the area allowing residents to recycle their coffee pods. Late last year he set up a second recycling scheme allowing residents to recycle their crisp packets. He’s recruited various volunteers to help as the scheme has expanded.

He acts as a team leader, and he spends a lot of his free time co-ordinating volunteers and drop-off locations, storing huge amounts of recycling in his garage and sending the waste off for processing. In addition, these schemes have raised over £8,000 for the Kent Air Ambulance.

adam hunter

A big congratulations to all our winners!