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Thousand Hours 2019

Published : 02/10/2019

Throughout the month of October, the streets of Ashford are spattered with yellow t-shirts as groups of people, and individuals, log hours of kindness across the community.

An initiative started by Ashford Vineyard (a Community Church in Ashford), ‘Thousand Hours’ launched in 2016, when they committed to give 1000 hours of time back into the community through little acts of kindness. Since then, the project has grown, expanding into primary schools, local businesses, and encouraging the wider community to actively practice kindness within their family units, towards strangers, their neighbourhoods and the environment around them. Last year Thousand Hours logged a total of 13,104 hours of kindness during October, and sparked initiatives that have continued throughout the year.

This year, the Thousand Hours team will be in 25 primary schools in Ashford and the surrounding areas; teaching, inspiring and encouraging the children to be kind on a daily basis. The team will be organising events across the town that the whole community can get involved in, and will be encouraging everyone to find ways that they can give their time to bring kindness to the people around them.

“What would it look like if every person in Kent, spent at least 1 hour of time bringing A Kindness Revolution to their community during the month of October? We have a chance to change our neighbourhoods for the better, one act of kindness at a time.” – Chris Tatton (Thousand Hours Team Leader)

If you would like to get involved in “A Kindness Revolution” this October, follow Thousand Hours on Instagram/Facebook: @AVThousandHours #ThousandHours19 #AKindnessRevolution, check out their website:, and join in with some of the organised events or do your own acts of kindness throughout October both on your own, or as a family. Just be sure to log your hours as you go, towards the total, on the Thousand Hours website!  Whether you give 1 hour, or 20 hours during the month, it all counts, and it all makes a difference.