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Ashford CCTV Monitoring Centre

Published : 10/10/2019

Whether you are a private company or offer a public service, keeping people safe and keeping your building and contents secure can be difficult but is an absolute necessity.

As well as giving you peace of mind that your business or service is being monitored and protected, CCTV also provides a deterrent against criminal activity by just being there.

Ashford Monitoring Centre (AMC) is part of Ashford Borough Council and provides trusted, reliable and professional 24/7 CCTV monitoring services to a range of private and commercial clients as well as public services.

A monitored system offers tremendous benefits and huge cost savings compared to on-site security staff. Setting up a provider to monitor your CCTV can also reduce insurance premiums.

Furthermore, key holders are not put at risk as your provider will monitor activity on your site and work directly with the emergency services to ensure that prompt and appropriate action is taken.

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What monitoring platforms do AMC use?

For public services…
AMC recently switched their monitoring platform to the Kent Public Service Network (KPSN). This switch not only provided a secure up-to-date platform for the operation of CCTV within the Ashford borough, it also enabled AMC to expand its offering to over 6,000 other sites in Kent currently on the system. This, of course, means that public services in the county can be easily set up on the KPSN system.

For private and commercial companies…
AMC utilise one platform that can fully integrate with the majority of CCTV systems available within the current market. Even if your particular system is not currently covered by their platform it is highly likely that this can be added.

Who’s sitting behind the screens?

AMC is accredited by the Surveillance Camera Commissioner and all of its operators are trained to Security Industry Authority (SIA) standards so you can feel confident that they are there for you when you need them.

What happens if the operators see an incident taking place?

AMC put your needs at the centre of how you wish to handle an incident. Depending on which protocols you decide to set up AMC can take a range of actions from issuing a verbal challenge via the camera system, alerting a key holder or security guard or contacting Kent Police.


What about lone workers?

If you have lone working employees you may want to consider utilising AMC’s Lifeline package. Users are supplied with a personal alarm that, when pressed, connects them directly to the monitoring centre where one of their operators can assist. This provides employers and their staff reassurance when they are on site alone.

As an additional option, Lifeline can be connected to a building’s fire alarm panel so that if an alarm is triggered, the monitoring centre would be alerted immediately and can check the cameras at the location.

What if I require a bespoke package?

Not every business or service is the same so AMC can create a package adapted to your specific requirements.

Can AMC generate reports on my system?

AMC provides a full range of reporting including activity reports, faults, activations, and audit trails.


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