Continuing our commitment to our employees

Published : 02/04/2019

From 1st April 2019 Ashford Borough Council’s employees will be paid a minimum of £9.00 per hour and apprentices will continue to receive 15 pence per hour above the statutory national minimum wage (NMW) applicable for their age. The changes were approved as part of the latest pay policy, which was agreed at last night’s Cabinet meeting (Thursday 14th March).

The council originally expressed its commitment to support its lowest paid staff in July 2013 when it introduced the Ashford Living Wage Allowance (ALWA). It was decided that this discretionary pay supplement should be ‘even better’ than the National Living Wage. 

The council has continued to demonstrate this commitment by reviewing the ALWA each year. From April the council will be making its ALWA £9.00 per hour, more than the statutory national living wage (which will be increasing to £8.21).

ApprenticeTo build on this pledge to its lowest paid staff, and on its commitment to support and provide good quality apprenticeships, the council are also proposing that their Ashford Apprentice Wage Allowance (AAWA) will continue be the equivalent of 15 pence above the national minimum wage rate for the apprentice’s age bracket.

Cllr Alan Pickering Portfolio Holder for Human Resources and Customer Services, said: “Ashford Borough Council intends to maintain its position as the leading employer in the Borough with good employment practices and a remuneration structure to reward our staff based on systems to maintain fairness at all times.

“We are conscious of the need to ensure the lower paid members of our staff and Apprentices are paid a rate that can sustain family life and make Apprenticeships accessible to all.”