Ashford College unveils plastic sculpture

Published : 02/05/2019

Conversations around plastics have increased dramatically over the past couple of years. “Plastics are polluting our oceans and rivers. Plastics are harming marine and countryside wildlife. Micro plastics are getting into our diet.” It’s become a very hot topic ever since the popular BBC documentary Blue Planet 2.

In celebration of 2019 being the Year of the Environment and inspired by Sky’s ‘Ocean Rescue’ giant plastic whale named ‘Plasticus’, raising awareness of plastic pollution, Ashford Borough Council teamed up with the art students of Ashford College to put our own spin on the issue.

ashford college plastic sculpture

A ‘flower garden’ scene was designed by 13 of the college's students - taking approximately 40 hours since January - and created using single-use plastics either collected by those involved in the project or through council litter picks. 

The sculpture, which was unveiled in Ashford’s County Square Shopping Centre on Monday 29th April, will be on display for the next four weeks.

plastic pollution sculpture

Explaining the inspiration behind the sculpture, Amy Casey, Waste and Recycling Education Officer for Ashford Borough Council, said: “We wanted to create a striking and beautiful scene of wildlife whilst also highlighting the abundance of plastic in the world and our dependence on it. It’s quite remarkable how much single-use plastic we were able to collect over the course of the project and how much plastic was littered on the streets. It’s amazing how the students have managed to transform it. It’s definitely helped raise awareness amongst the college and I hope it can do so with the residents of Ashford now too.” 

plastic recycling

With the average person in the UK producing 76kg of plastic waste per year, there’s still a lot of education around waste reduction needed.

The project will continue, with a second sculpture in the form of a cow, being installed in Park Mall by the end of May.

Ashford college students