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Council tax consultation opens

Published : 06/08/2019

Ashford Borough Council is asking for your views on proposed changes to the council tax reduction scheme from April 2020.

The changes to the scheme are designed to make it easier for claimants to manage their finances and budget by simplifying the process of claiming.

The council is proposing ten changes to the current scheme. The changes include introducing a banded scheme for all working age applicants; limiting the number of dependent children used in the calculation to two; changing the application process; and several changes to the amount of income claimants can receive without it being included in the reduction calculation.

A full explanation of the changes is available online and can be read before completing the consultation.

Anyone directly affected by the proposals will be contacted by the council, along with other groups who work with claimants or residents. Anyone else who wants to have their say can complete the survey online from 1 August until the end of September.

The scheme is also changing its name to the council tax reduction scheme, rather than council tax support.

The current scheme has been in place since 2017 without changes but with the introduction of universal credit it needs changing to ensure the scheme works for claimants.

Cllr Neil Bell, Portfolio Holder for Finance, said: “We recognise the importance of consulting with people about these changes, which we hope will make it easier for the people who need it the most to claim a council tax reduction. Please complete the consultation and have your say on what you think about the proposed changes.”

Please visit to find out more and have your say on the proposed changes. The consultation is available on our website, visit council tax reduction consultation.