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Putting government funding to good use

Published : 20/03/2020

Ashford Borough Council has wasted no time in using new Government funds to support rough sleepers during the coronavirus outbreak.

This week the Government revealed it was making £3.2m of emergency funding available for local councils. The money is subject to meeting strict criteria and is designed to assist authorities in providing suitable accommodation for those with severe medical conditions and who are regarded as high-risk and vulnerable to the spread of the coronavirus.

This includes those who are sleeping rough or who are in accommodation where they are sharing bedrooms.

Ashford Borough Council has being allocated up to £18,750 and has already spent the money on providing settled self-contained accommodation to seven rough sleepers in the borough. The council is now be seeking reimbursement from the Government.  

A spokesman for Ashford Borough Council said: “We have wasted no time in putting the promise of this extra funding to good use by bringing in seven rough sleepers who we regarded as highly vulnerable to the spread of coronavirus.

“We had already succeeded in getting the majority of local rough sleepers ‘indoors’ and getting them settled housing. This additional grant has been a big help.”

For more information about Ashford’s response to the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus see our website.