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Singleton Lake

Published : 07/10/2019

Advice on feeding seedless grapes and sweetcorn to the ducks, where you can fish and essential safety tips for visitors are all contained on new information signs which have been installed around Singleton Lake in Ashford.

The five large attractive signs are designed to help visitors to the beauty spot understand more about their tranquil surroundings and enjoy their visit. The £1,250 cost of the signs was met by Ashford Borough Council ward member, Cllr Bill Barrett out of his member’s grant which each councillor can use to fund a local project.

They were unveiled by the Mayor of Ashford, Cllr Jenny Webb, in a brief ceremony attended by representatives of Great Chart Parish Council and the Friends of Singleton Lake Group.

Cllr Barrett said he was delighted to see the new signs installed around the lake. They replace old signs which had fallen into disrepair.

“Not only do the signs serve a public information purpose but they also carry important public safety messages and instructions what to do in cases of emergency. I hope they encourage more people to enjoy this hidden gem in the heart of our community,” he said.

Cllr Barrett explained that the investment in the improved signage is the latest initiative designed to make Singleton Lake more attractive to visitors, complementing recent moves to bear down on anti-social behaviour which has blighted the area in the past.

Singleton Lake is one of four areas in Ashford where Public Spaces Protection Orders were introduced three years ago. The areas had been identified by the council, police reports and complaints received from local residents for nuisance issues.

Cllr Barrett said PSPOs allow councils to tackle anti-social behaviour which takes place in a specific, geographical area and are tailored for defined activities, meaning that anyone carrying them out in an area under one of these orders can be prosecuted.

“A PSPO gives the council and the police the power to deal with these type of activities immediately and on the ground. I believe this order is helping to keep Singleton Lake as an attractive, welcoming place for all our residents and visitors,” he added.